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People all over Ohio are choosing Joel’s Pro Tree Service. Why? Because we are committed to excellent work, and amazing customer experiences. Our dedication to quality shows in every aspect of our work.

Our team of tree professionals are dedicated to making your property look better, and be safer. We pledge to leave your home or work looking better than when we showed up. You called for help. And help you shall get.

Joel’s Pro Tree Service is here to serve you, our neighbors.

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Our History

In 2017 Joel’s Pro Tree Service was born. Joel and his business partner knew that they wanted to work outside and make the world a prettier place. Pretty noble right? Well, in theory it sounds noble. However, in practical terms how do you do that?

Go Green Baby!

As a Buckeye fan, I’m not too comfortable with saying “Go Green” due to our neighbors from that other state up there. But nonetheless, we wanted to make our world a bit prettier and better for our children.

Trees are often times a legacy gift that we leave to future property owners. Trees give us shade during the heat, and a safe place to tie our hammock during the summer. They give us back pain from raking their leaves, and they give us clean air to breathe.

We love trees. We also love heights! Yah, seriously, we do. If you don’t love playing with power tools, like chain saws, or running a stump grinder, then you should call the professional arborists at Joel’s Pro Tree Service.

Even if you are a DIY kind of guy or gal, cutting down limbs has inherent risks. Branches can fall on you, your property or your neighbor’s cat. Minimize your risk, and reduce the chances that your neighbor will be eternally mad at you. Call Joel’s Pro Tree Service to help with dead tree removal, limb trimming, pruning and more.

We care passionately about taking care of your home or office and making it a safe and beautiful place.


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