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Get Rid of Diseased, Pest-Infested, or Dead Trees

Joel’s Pro Tree Services loves, and we mean- LOVE trees. However, we also realize that sometimes a tree is not able to be saved. It can be a danger to a structure whether a commercial building or a private home. Or it might simply be diseased and or broken and beyond saving. If that is the case you are facing, then you need expert tree removal services fast. Expired trees do not have the structural integrity to support themselves—so dead trees are a danger to you and those around it.

Tree Removal Services from Joel’s Pro Tree Service

You can rest assured that our team will take care of your fallen, broken or dangerous tree. We employ industry leading safety measures, and use top of the line equipment to make sure your tree related issue is dealt with the first time.

Tree Contractors You Can Trust

Joel’s Pro Tree Service is proud to serve our neighbors in Ohio. We’re from here. We live and breathe Ohio (and Ohio State) Football, as well as the trees. Trees are our passion. Our other passion is customer service. That’s one of the reason that we do our tree work with our inhouse staff.

We don’t shove you off to a subcontractor who doesn’t know anything about trees, and just shows up with an ax and a chain saw. How does that benefit you? It means JPTS offers a superior level of service that is not only more affordable but more reliable than any other Tree Company out there. We’re locally owned and operated, and we care about our fellow neighbors.

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Help! My Tree Has Fallen And It Can’t Get Up!

If a tree on your property has fallen over it needs to be addressed. Whether a storm blew it over, or shallow roots or disease, Joel’s Pro Tree Service offers emergency tree appointments! Fallen trees can be a danger to you or your home or business. And they need to be safely removed as soon as possible.

Why Choose Joel’s Pro Tree Service?

This is a simple one—because we are here to serve you. Tree trimming and removal might be what we do, but customer service is how we deliver for our clients. See, we don’t just cut down, grind up and remove trees. We make your property, safer and more comfortable. And we leave it in better shape, than we found it in. We could be doing anything for work- we chose trees because we love heights (yep) and love being outside. But our real passion is making our neighbors homes a safe and enjoyable place for them and their loved ones.
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We are prompt, professional and affordable. We believe that quality tree care is as easy as calling us!

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