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Joel’s Pro Tree Services: Deadwooding Experts

Arborists promote the beauty, growth, and safety of your trees so that your property can look stunning. Deadwooding is one of the techniques used to achieve this goal.

What Is Deadwooding?

“Deadwooding” is the process of trimming dead wood off of a tree. Large and small tree branches alike die off eventually. Trees will often receive sunlight from only one side. This leads to a lack of nutrients for the shaded side. This is particularly common if you’re living in suburban or urban areas.

Deadwooding makes the tree more lively and attractive while cutting dead weight off of the trunk. It also promotes the safety of anyone who walks near the tree. Deadwood is not just an appearance issue. It can seriously endanger the tree, and anyone who passes near the trunk of the tree. Rotting branches can spread and rot like an infection into the trunk of a tree.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services can help you ensure that your tree is at its finest form. Call us today and learn more about our deadwooding practices and how it could benefit your yard.

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