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Working with many homeowners over the years, we learned that many people overestimate how much certain factors affect their trees, while others severely underestimate the effect of other vital factors.

Soil, for example, is a prime example of this. As tree surgeons, we know that the state of the soil is a major factor in tree growth. We understand soil drainage, soil water availability, soil aeration, and what role these factors play in the development process of a tree.

How Soil Quality & Environmental Factors Determines Tree Health

These are powerful tree growth factors that determine whether a tree will rot or thrive. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of the soil so that the trees in their property can remain healthy, stable, and strong.

We here at Joel’s Pro Tree Services are committed to helping you accomplish that. We can help take care of the soil in the short and long term. We begin with a soil analysis, which helps us determine how the tree benefits from it. Arborists are skilled soil analysts by design.

Call Joel’s Pro Tree Service today and learn more about how we help homeowners nurture their trees. Experienced teams of expert tree specialists are always ready to help out. Take care of your soil, and in the process, take care of your trees. By doing so, you can reap all of the benefits of a healthy plant ecosystem in your property: fresh air, privacy, beauty, and shade.

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