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Emerald Ash Beetle Trunk Injections

Trunk Injections For Tree Health

The Emerald Ash Borer, a tree parasite, has destroyed millions of trees throughout the Midwest. But on a positive note, at least more homeowners are now aware of how big of an impact insects can make on a tree’s life.

Not long ago, the only way to protect a tree from insects and pests was through spraying pesticide all over the tree. Unfortunately, larger trees required a lot more pesticide, leaving surrounding plants and people vulnerable to the harmful side effects.

But nowadays, there are cutting-edge innovations that allow arborists to protect trees from pests more effectively. One method is to protect it from the inside through the use of trunk injections.

Protect Your Trees From Bugs & Disease

Trunk injections protect trees from bugs and disease more effectively than any spray. It also minimizes any impact to the environment in the process, keeping you and your family safe. Researchers believe that a single trunk injection can be effective enough to protect a tree for up to three years.

Here at Joel’s Pro Tree Services, we care about your tree’s health. Our certified arborists are equipped with skills, experience, and a passion for what they do. By taking care of your tree, we help Mother Nature take care of you.

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