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Is Your Tree Endangering Your Loved Ones, Your Structure Or Your Neighbor’s Property?

Are you worried about a tree on your property?

Trees can be surprisingly fragile—even when they appear stable and strong. Pests can penetrate the bark and make a home within the tree. They could eat it away from the inside. Deadwood could allow rot to spread to the trunk, severely affecting the tree’s health and stability.

Stability issues could also be caused by imbalanced growth. If the tree has all three issues: pests, deadwood, and imbalanced growth, then collapse is imminent, and it could be dangerous for the people living nearby. The tree could fall on someone, or onto the neighbor’s property, causing damage.

Tree Inspection Companies

Untrained eyes will find it difficult to recognize these signs. Many homeowners believe that trees only ever collapse after a storm or a sudden disaster. But a certified arborist is skilled at telling the difference between a healthy tree and one that is a few years away from falling.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services can help you with hazardous tree assessment. We can spot these problems before they get even worse. With our knowledge and experience, we can spot health issues, pests, rotted branches, and other problems that may have to be addressed.

Call Joel’s Pro Tree Services today so you can tell for sure that your tree is safe rather than a hidden liability.

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