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A tree that is less ‘productive’—one with undersized leaves, reduced growth, and pale colors—is most likely unhealthy. The tree may be suffering from a lack of nutrients. Just like any other living being, plants need to stay healthy in order to survive.

Plant health is a priority among arborists. These professionals don’t just hack and cut away aimlessly. They make sure that when they are trimming, or pruning, or thinning a tree, it will remain safe and healthy. Arborists work with the goal of helping the plants grow properly: that the trees are receiving enough sunlight, that it is not overgrown, and that it is not rotting.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services provide many different services for homeowners who have trees and shrubs in their property. These professionals make sure that the tree grows properly, and that the property remains marvelous in its entirety.

Tree and Plant Fertilization

Tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, tree thinning—there are tree service specialists out there that only focus on getting rid of the tree, with no regard for the ecosystem it exists in.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services is different. This company understands that plant health is a priority, especially for homeowners that enjoy the benefits of having healthy trees. Fresh air, more birds, better shade, and also the fact that it increases a property’s market value: these are some of the advantages of having a tree in the property.

But taking care of a tree requires regular maintenance. In order to keep the tree healthy, arborists address the numerous factors that hinder plant growth. They remove pests and parasites, while also keeping an eye out for tree infections.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services is ready to handle whatever is plaguing the trees.

Seasoned Fertilization

Fertilizing a tree requires a bit of technical understanding because it’s a bit more complicated than using fertilizer on small crops. Certain trees and certain soils have different reactions to one another. If this is not done properly, there may be deficiencies of a particular nutrient.

Arborists know which soil is needed for which tree, and how to get this result through proper fertilization. This can mean the difference between a 100-year lifespan and a 10-year lifespan. Many arborists agree that the best time to fertilize a tree is between April and May, when earlywood development is finishing. It can also be done in fall, when the tree becomes dormant.

Deep Root Feeding

A deep root feeding may be necessary if a tree’s growth has begun to slow down, or if the leaves are beginning to yellow. Deep root feeding may just help it thrive, especially for homeowners in, particularly dry climates.

Deep root feeding, also known as deep root injection, involves a special mixture of tree nutrients that is injected into the soil of the tree’s root system. This is the plant equivalent of a long-term multivitamin.

If done in the fall season, the dormant tree will rely on the nutrient injection to help it survive through the winter.

The deep root feeding service helps the tree become less susceptible to disease and parasites. By spring, it would be ready to grow faster and more effectively.

Pest Control

Pests, insects, and parasites: they harm the tree and damage it over time. Arborists can help with pest control by removing egg masses from tree trunks during the dormant season. They may also use other methods such as using insecticides, or tree banding, etc. In some cases, tree removal is the best course of action.

Controlling pests can ensure the safety of the tree as well as the people living close to it. Arborists also deal with other common ailments that affect trees such as fungal infections, bark parasites, oak wilt, apple scab, ant colony infestation, etc.

Soil Analysis

A lot of homeowners underestimate how much certain factors affect their trees. Soil, for example, is a prime example of this. The state of the soil is a major factor in tree growth. Soil drainage, soil water availability, and soil aeration are powerful tree growth factors.

Taking care of the soil in the short and long term helps every plant, herb, shrub, and tree to thrive. Arborists are skilled soil analysts as well.

Call Joel’s Pro Tree Service today and learn more about how it helps homeowners nurture their trees. Experienced teams of expert tree specialists are always ready to help out.

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