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Arborists That Care About Preventing Insects & Disease From Destroying Your Trees

Trees, just like all other living things, are susceptible to disease, infection, and wounds. You need to take care of them if you want them to stay healthy. And there are plenty of benefits to having healthy trees in your property. They make your yard look beautiful, they add value to your lot, and they provide shade and fresh air.

Tree Health Care & Maintenance

You’ll be surprised by how many homeowners don’t realize that they actually need to maintain their trees. If you want to make sure that your tree is in top condition, you can work with Joel’s Pro Tree Services and hire our professional arborists to do that for you.

Homeowners may not be able to spot some of the major symptoms of disease or insect infestation. Sometimes, it just looks like your tree has fewer leaves than usual. To a certified arborist, these are clear and dangerous signs of plant illness or damage.

Common ailments that affect trees include fungal infection, ant colony infestation, bark parasites, oak wilt, apple scab, etc.

It is important to work with professionals when dealing with these issues. Joel’s Pro Tree Services can provide environmentally-friendly treatments without sacrificing efficiency. Contact us today!


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