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Do your shrubs look overgrown? Are there dead branches lying around everywhere? Is your tree growing in a weird shape?

When left untrimmed, trees can look overgrown and misshapen. But the fact that it makes the property unattractive is actually the least of your worries. Dead leaves and rotten branches can cause all sorts of headaches: from annoying yard obstacles to major health and safety concerns.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services can help with the pruning and trimming process. Expert arborists can assess the property and the trees in question, and then determine how much the services will be.
Why Does My Tree Need Trimming?

Trees, shrubs and more naturally respond to their environment, just like any other living thing. But if it continues to grow without restrictions—such as in an urban landscape where there aren’t as many trees—their posture can be affected. Trees will tend to grow asymmetrically.

This is a potential safety hazard that needs to be addressed. Overgrowth is a liability for your property.

Tree Safety Is Our #1 Concern

Trimming and pruning helps it stay under control. It gives your property a clean, fresh look. Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers pruning and trimming services with expert arborists who also take the plant’s health into consideration.

Our certified arborists can determine what’s best for your tree—and your property! They can perform corrective pruning so that the tree will not attract pests and look sickly.

Corrective pruning is necessary for when a plant growth begins to endanger itself or surrounding structures. This is a horticultural practice that controls the direction and thickness that a plant grows. For example, thinning a tree or large shrub allows light to penetrate the plant properly. More sunlight means healthier plants.

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