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Emerald Ash Borer Beetle Treatment For Trees

Tens of millions of ash trees in the Midwest are dead because of a single pest: a small beetle known as the Emerald Ash Borer has caused the destruction of trees in that area. This beetle is a major threat to all varieties of North American ash trees. Without control measures, it could eradicate all ash trees in a given area within a decade.

So far they have spread to at least 19 states. And since one out of five trees in Minnesota is an ash tree, these pests are certainly a major concern. This is why it is so important to protect this critical landscape feature.

You need a fast, affordable, and professional Emerald Ash Borer treatment from a certified arborist. These scientifically-proven treatments are environmentally friendly. They take the form of trunk injections and soil injections. Remember when you could only rely on insecticides for pest control? Well, you can’t use insecticides for larger trees because of the harmful side effects. Luckily, these cutting edge innovations can help protect your trees, your family, and your environment.

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