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We Elevate Trees To Make Your Property Look Better And Become Safer

Tree elevating is the practice of trimming the lowest branches of a tree in order to give it more clearance. This process eliminates low-hanging branches. Arborists elevate trees, not only to provide safer tree growth but also to give homeowners more headroom.

Low Hanging Branch Removal

Low hanging branches can be quite annoying because they can reach over swimming pools, brush against windows, and cause other problems.

Trees need to be elevated, because in open areas such as in the suburbs, they don’t need to compete with other trees for sunlight. Unlike in the forest, where sideways growth isn’t possible, trees in urban areas don’t have such limitations.

This is why they tend to grow upwards as well as sideways, which eventually puts a strain on the trunk and outgrowing their ability to support their own weight.

Certified arborists can elevate trees in a way that it makes them grow vertically with proper branch structure. Elevating will make the property look more beautiful, but it will also make the trees healthier.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services is dedicated to helping homeowners get an affordable, simple service that keeps the trees in their property beautiful and strong. In the process, the trees provide excellent shade, clean air, and attractiveness to your home.

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