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One of the worst pests your yard can have is ticks. They carry harmful diseases—the most well-known of which is Lyme disease. They also prey on warm-blooded animals. That includes your pets, children, and even you.

But the good news is that tick populations can be killed or controlled. This can be done through professional plant health care treatments.

Prevent Lyme Disease From Killing Trees

Here at Joel’s Pro Tree Services, we combine age-old traditional horticulture with more advanced solutions. Our cutting-edge equipment and techniques can help get rid of the ticks in your yard. With state-of-the-art pesticide methods, we ensure that your yard and your loved ones are safe without sacrificing effectiveness against ticks.

We also recognize the impact of having a clean yard: one study found that homes could reduce tick populations by 40 to 80 percent by simply cleaning up dead leaves, where ticks like to nest. And because ticks thrive in dark, shaded areas, their population tends to grow in darker areas of the yard.

We can help reduce tick growth by eliminating these shaded areas that they are attracted to. We can prune your tree and remove potential tick nesting areas around your yard, so that they can’t invade your property.

Work with Joel’s Pro Tree Services today and find out how we handle these pest infestations and improve the quality of your yard.

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