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Joel’s Pro Tree Service Does Root Crown Excavating

Trees are large, majestic plants that are considered among the oldest living things on Earth. But at the same time, even the smallest mismanagement can damage a tree permanently—especially if you don’t know how they work. This is why it is important to work with an expert tree service if you are living in the urban or suburban areas and taking care of a tree.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services is committed to providing the industry’s highest quality services. We want to develop as many healthy trees all over the country as possible. Sometimes this is done through plant health care, pest removal, or cleaning up after a storm.

Tree Collar Services by Certified Arborists

Root crown excavation is another one of the services we offer. The root crown is the part of the tree that transitions between the root system and the trunk. It is also called the collar. It is perhaps the single most vulnerable part of the tree.

In fact, many trees in the wild end up dying because their root crown was covered in leaves, dead branches, or just debris. If a few inches of soil covers the root crown, it can choke the tree of the air that it needs.

If the root crown is covered for a long time, it can become unstable and slowly die. For example, if a homeowner applies too much soil to the base of the tree, it can cover up the root crown. Sometimes it just happens because of the soil level rising over time.

The simplest way to take care of this problem is through excavation. Work with Joel’s Pro Tree Services and we can perform a root crown excavation for you so that it will be exposed to the light and air it requires to thrive. Call us today!

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