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Deep Rooting Services Near Me. Get Your Trees Growing Faster

If you’ve noticed that your tree’s growth has begun to slow down, and the leaves are beginning to yellow, you might want to consider hiring Joel’s Pro Tree Services for a deep root feeding. This may be just what it needs in order to thrive. This is especially helpful for homeowners living in particularly dry climates.

Deep Root Injection Therapy For Your Trees

Deep root feeding, also known as deep root injection, involves a special mixture of tree nutrients that is injected into the soil of the tree’s root system. This is the plant equivalent of a long-term multivitamin. The principle is to give the tree’s root system a strong reserve of nutrients through the fall and winter season when it is dormant.

If done right, the dormant tree can use the nutrient injection to survive the harsher seasons.

The deep root feeding service helps the tree become less susceptible to disease and parasites. By spring, it would be ready to grow faster and more effectively. Our certified arborists will inject a special mixture of tree nutrients so that your tree will remain strong all year-round.

We understand that in order for a tree to thrive and continue giving you lovely shade and breathable air, it needs to stay healthy and strong. Work with Joel’s Pro Tree Services today!

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