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When left untrimmed, trees can look overgrown and misshapen. But the fact that it makes the property unattractive is actually the least of a homeowner’s worries. Dead leaves and rotten branches can cause all sorts of headaches: from annoying yard obstacles to major health and safety concerns. Click the link to learn “How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?“.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services can help with the pruning and trimming process. Expert arborists can assess the property and the trees in question, and then determine how much the services will be.

Here are some of Joel’s Pro Tree Trimming and Pruning Services:

Tree Assessments

Trees can be surprisingly fragile—even when they appear stable and strong. Pests can penetrate the bark and make a home within the tree. They could eat it away from the inside. Deadwood could allow rot to spread to the trunk, severely affecting the tree’s health and stability.

Stability issues could also be caused by imbalanced growth. If the tree has all three issues: pests, deadwood, and imbalanced growth, then collapse is imminent, and it could be dangerous for the people living nearby. The tree could fall on someone, or onto the neighbor’s property, causing damage.

Untrained eyes will find it difficult to recognize these signs. Many homeowners believe that trees only ever collapse after a storm or a sudden disaster. But certified arborists are skilled and experienced when it comes to spotting these problems for trees and plants. They can tell that a tree is in danger of falling years before it happens.

Corrective Pruning Services

While trees and shrubs are lovely additions to any home, far too many homeowners don’t realize that having a tree or large shrub requires regular maintenance. Overgrown plants can become sickly. They can attract pests and simply look less appealing.

Corrective pruning is necessary for when a plant growth begins to endanger itself or surrounding structures. This is a horticultural practice that controls the direction and thickness that a plant grows. For example, thinning a tree or large shrub allows light to penetrate the plant properly. More sunlight means healthier plants.

Corrective pruning prevents insects and disease from destroying a tree by allowing it to grow in a healthier direction. It also ensures that the tree doesn’t grow in a way that damages the house after a windy day.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Old trees can contribute to a home’s actual market value. But they also benefit the ecosystem around it. More birds, fresher air, and climate moderation: these are some of the benefits of having a large tree on the property.

Old growth also has its risks, however. Cabling prevents harmful development, which trees are susceptible to. If a tree is beginning to grow in a way that is unsustainable or potentially damaging, this process is necessary. Trees that grow asymmetrically, for example, require cabling or bracing.

If the tree continues to grow in that way, it will someday become unable to support itself. Cabling is the process of correcting a tree’s growth.

Tree Elevating Service

Tree elevating is the practice of trimming the lowest branches of a tree in order to give it more clearance. This process eliminates low-hanging branches. Arborists elevate trees, not only to provide safer tree growth, but also to give homeowners more headroom.

Low hanging branches can be quite annoying because they can reach over swimming pools, brush against windows, and cause other problems.

Trees need to be elevated because in open areas such as in the suburbs, they don’t need to compete with other trees for sunlight. This is why they tend to grow upwards as well as sideways, which eventually puts a strain on the trunk and outgrowing their ability to support their own weight.

Elevating will make the property look more beautiful, but it will also make the trees healthier.

Deadwooding Service

“Deadwooding” is the process of trimming dead wood off of a tree. Large and small tree branches alike die off eventually. Deadwooding makes the tree more lively and attractive while cutting dead weight off of the trunk. It also promotes the safety of anyone who walks near the tree.

Deadwood is not just an appearance issue. It can seriously endanger the tree and anyone who passes near the trunk of the tree. Rotting branches can spread and rot like an infection into the trunk of a tree.

Tree Thinning Service

Trees do get old without pruning or maintenance of any kind. However, they begin to accrue branches on their interior. Over time, this could mean a lot of branches. These trees do provide incredible shade—and while that is good for the homeowner, it is bad for the tree because it means certain parts of the tree are not getting enough sunlight.

The interior branches of denser trees hardly get any of the sunlight they need. This means a higher rate of dead wood, more pests, and potential tree disease.

Thinning a tree is not just a matter of cutting branches. Arborists take many factors into consideration, such as tree growth cycles. After the spring, most trees have exhausted their energy in a seasonal growth spurt. This means thinning them immediately after the spring could significantly harm it.

Knowing when to thin a tree and which parts to thin is an essential skill for any professional arborist.

Crown Reduction Service

Crown reduction is the process of shortening a tree by cutting down the primary branches and foliage around the top of the tree. This practice is deeply technical.

‘Tree surgeons’ will generally cut down to the level of secondary branches. Crown reduction can make a tree grow more stable. It reduces the amount of dead wood in the interior of the tree, and it also allows sunlight to penetrate the branches more effectively.
Shrub Trimming

Trimming the shrubs is one task that many homeowners try to avoid. They are intimidated by the possibility of damaging their plant. However, neglecting the shrubs to the point that they are overgrown is just as harmful.

Instead of stressing over this task, it’s a good idea to let the professionals handle it. Joel’s Pro Tree Services has an experienced team of specialists who know exactly what the shrubs need and when.

Not trimming shrubs can leave them bushy and large. Eventually, it becomes too big to support itself. It will begin to thin out or decay. But by properly trimming it, the plant can grow healthy while retaining its natural shape.

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