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The price of tree removal often varies depending on a number of factors—we will look into each of these factors so that homeowners can find out exactly what to expect when hiring a professional tree company such as Joel’s Pro Tree Services. Later on, we will also talk about what to do when you can’t afford tree removal on your property.

Regardless of the budget, tree removal is necessary and is a process that should not be skipped, especially if the tree is diseased, rotted, dying, or dead. Pest-ridden or damaged trees pose a threat to everyone and everything around them because they could fall unexpectedly and damage properties or injure someone.

Although trees are beautiful and important, there are instances when they need to be removed for the health and safety of everyone around them. Sometimes even a healthy tree needs to be removed because they were hit by a storm and is now in danger of falling. In some cases, property owners want to remove a tree because they need to make way for a new construction project.

Whatever the reason for tree removal, it is important to seek the help of a certified arborist. This means if the homeowner cannot afford professional tree removal, they should not just go the DIY route and try to cut the tree themselves. It can be very dangerous, especially for someone without experience.

An arborist has the tools, the knowledge, and the skills needed to properly remove a tree. They can do it safely and efficiently. In the long run, hiring a certified arborist such as the team from Joel’s Pro Tree Services is a better investment, considering how much time, energy, and money it takes for the homeowner to get this done on their own anyway.

Hiring a professional is just more practical. The price varies depending on a few factors. For example, the size of the tree matters. Bigger and taller trees are harder to remove, and will, therefore, be costlier. But in urban and suburban areas, there are hardly any large trees anyway. Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers crane-assisted tree removal, so removing trees is actually no problem for them no matter what size the tree is. The health of the tree also affects the cost. Trees that are dead or dying are significantly easier to remove compared to healthy trees.

Other factors that affect the cost of tree removal are location, the type of tree, the season, and how many trees have to be removed. When it comes to the latter one, most companies charge per tree, while others will take on the whole job for a set price.

As for the season, some tree removal companies may offer lower prices during the winter as not many people need tree removal services. As a side note, the dormant season is also a good time to prune trees if you want to keep them healthy, so December to early March is a good period to have a tree pruned.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services is very upfront when it comes to their prices. Property owners can get an estimate within an hour after calling Joel’s Pro Tree Services. This company offers a superior level of service that is not only more affordable but more reliable than any other tree service provider out there. This company is locally owned and operated, and they care about their fellow neighbors. Contact Joel’s Pro Tree Services at 855-212-1464 today.


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