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The natural beauty of trees is just one of the reasons why homeowners love having them in their yard. Trees also provide shade, increase the value of a property, and make fresh, breathable air for everyone living close to it. A large tree provides even more shade and privacy.

But there are just as many reasons to want a tree removed. Maybe the trees in the yard are in the way of a new construction project. Maybe the trees are rotted, diseased, dead, or dying. Perhaps it was damaged by a storm or is just located too close to your house. There are instances wherein keeping a tree is less beneficial than having it removed.

When it comes to tree removal, it is always better to seek the help of professionals. Tree experts know exactly what they are doing. This means they will not waste time, energy, or effort when taking a tree down. Not to mention the process of tree removal itself is dangerous.

Hiring certified arborists from Joel’s Pro Tree Services, for example, will ensure that the job is completed quickly and efficiently. They will use state of the art tools and only the safest techniques in the industry. This means homeowners don’t have to worry about accomplishing this monumental task themselves.

So now that the importance of working with tree experts has been established, it’s important to talk about the logistics of it: specifically, the cost of hiring the pros. How much does it usually cost to have a tree removed? And more importantly, what if the trees in the yard are large trees?

Before we discuss this further, homeowners should be able to estimate the height of the trees in question. The cost of cutting down the tree will depend on a number of factors—size is one of them. Do take note that prices will still vary depending on the company, but factors such as height, width, and the tree’s health will often affect prices.

Typically, a large tree is 60 to 80 feet tall. A small tree is usually 30 feet or shorter. A medium tree is commonly 30 to 60 feet in height. Local tree service companies might have different definitions for these terms.

Of course, any tree that’s over 80 feet tall is considered very large. Therefore, they will be more difficult to remove. They will also be far more costly because of the difficulty of the job. Prices may vary depending on the company and area in which you live.

For large trees, the average price is around $10 per foot. For smaller trees, it will be about $8 per foot, while medium trees can be $9 per foot.

Size isn’t the only factor being considered here. The type of tree can impact the cost of removing it. The softer the wood, the easier it is to cut down, and the less it will cost to remove it. Similarly, trees that are rotted or diseased are easier to remove compared to strong and sturdy trees.

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