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Joel’s Pro Tree Service’s Commitment To Safety

Tree removal is a dangerous task. Homeowners are generally advised to let the professionals handle it, because the threat of getting hurt is real and experts are less likely to make mistakes.

In order to make sure that the process of removing the tree is carried out efficiently, proper training and experience are necessary. And to make sure that the person doing it remains unharmed, safety equipment is important.

Tree removal experts take various measures to protect themselves from possible injuries. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA requires them to use protective gear before proceeding with a certain job. The regulations are strict for a reason.

Tree removal professionals are required to be covered from head to toe in protective gear. The OSHA outlines the need for head, eye, ear, leg, and foot gear before operating chainsaws, for example. Other additional safety gear help make the job easier and safer, protecting them from any poisons, wildlife, or harmful tree debris.

Professionals must always wear a protective helmet that also covers the face. Specialists have to wear helmets or a face shield in order to defend against any falling tree debris. This is to avoid concussions, cuts, and bruises, which are likely to happen when removing branches, etc. It will also protect them from electricity in case they fall back near a power line by absorbing the shock.

Gloves are also important. Heavy work gloves provide another important layer of protection, as it does the same thing: defending from cuts, bruises, or other injuries that may causes infections. Certain trees can have poisonous plants, dangerous insects, or contain chemicals that should not be touched.

Work gloves have another benefit in that they provide better grip when scaling a tree and making cuts with a chainsaw.

Chainsaw pants and chaps are there to protect the body. Before operating a chainsaw, tree removal specialists will have these on because they are thick enough to handle any debris that the chainsaw throws off while cutting. Rugged pants and jamming protective chap, sometimes made of Kevlar, are worn in case the chainsaw comes too close.

Goggles or safety glasses provide eye protection from chainsaw debris and limbs, which are prone to flying everywhere—oftentimes into their face. Goggles are helpful when the tree removal specialist isn’t using a face shield. This ensures that their eyesight stays at 20/20. Unnecessary accidents can be avoided with proper precautions.

Earmuffs and earplugs help reduce the noise created by the chainsaw, which can cause damage to the inner ear. Extended time without ear protection against chainsaw noises can lead to long term hearing damage.

Finally, work boots or shoes help the tree removal expert to get a better grip on the ground and on the tree. It also protects their feet from tree debris. Having the right kind of shoes can help make the job so much easier. Tennis shoes, for example, won’t get the job done. Boots with strap-on spikes are often required for optimal scaling.

Tree removal is very challenging. Homeowners should not attempt to do it on their own. On top of looking out for their own safety, they must also ensure the safety of everyone around them while the tree removal is being done. Specialists are already trained to do that.

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