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It does not matter if you are a commercial or a residential customer. Our expert tree removal services are suitable for a construction project, or simply to beautify your home. Joel’s Pro Tree Service of Tampa, Fl can handle all your tree needs. Our professional and timely crews have years of in the field experience, and the proper equipment to handle any kind of tree services. We can help you remove a diseased branch from falling on your roof. We can also help with tree stump removal as well as trimming and shaping trees for aesthetic beauty as well as safety.

Joel’s Pro Tree Service is a full-service tree care contractor with the equipment to manage any challenging arbor related issue you have. We value our customers, and it’s our pledge to leave the property looking better than when we arrived. That means doing the job the right way, the first time, and cleaning up after the job is done. 

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    Joel and his team were fast, professional and competitively priced! I called for a quote in the morning and the tree was gone by supper time.

    The crew was friendly, efficient, and they picked up every last twig from the old apple tree.
    If you need a tree removed/stump ground, Joel. Bonus: I even asked Beavercreek Rental if the price was good, and it endorsed both the price and Joel’s business.

    -Robert Strong
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    Thank you for your business. I’ve used Joel tree service twice now, and will for now on. Everytime I call him he comes right away, within that week my tree is down and cleaned up. Fair prices, quality work. Thanks joel!!

    -Sara Fettig
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    Joel is an Honest person with High integrity. If you need tree work or landscaping work Please save yourself the trouble of searching any further. Hire Joel!! He does an Honest days work for and Honest days Pay!! Thank you and God Bless

    -R Taylor
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    Joel is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to tree care. When we had our last storm he took care of several fallen trees. I recommend him if you’re looking for quality work that isn’t priced like all the big name companies.

    -Briggs Powers
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    Based on his excellent on-line reviews, I hired Joel to cut down three trees in my yard and was quite pleased with the overall results. He is very professional, friendly, courteous and ethical. I would highly recommend Joel and his team.

    -Mahmood Tabatabaie
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    We met Joel while he was working with our neighbor. Just asked him for an estimate on some work with us. Within 90 minutes he had two stumps ground and a tree taken down. Joel has a great work ethic and his prices are great. Very happy from start to finish. Would highly recommend this company

    -Joellen Nichols
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    He came out on a Sunday after a tree fell on the house and was the only guy that looked me in the eye and talked professionally. Would definitely recommend and will use again in the future

    -Michael Hess
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    They did a really wonderful job! The prices were fair and they were willing to remove my tree in northern Kentucky. I spoke to Joel on Sunday and the tree is gone on Tuesday. I highly recommend using Joel’s Pro Tree Service!

    -Daniel Schoultis
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    Joel should be proud of the quality work he provides. And boy does his crew work fast!

    Also very fair prices!

    -Joe R
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    Good work. Keep it up

    -Gufran Ahmad



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Joel’s Pro Tree Service of Tampa. Best Company for Tree Trimming

Having a tree in your yard has a lot of benefits. It makes the place look more beautiful, it adds value to your property, it attracts birds, it creates shade, and it provides clean, breathable air.

Expert Arborists To Maintain Tree Health

But many homeowners underestimate the number of maintenance trees need. In order to continue reaping its benefits, you need to take care of it and keep it healthy. This takes time, effort, and energy—and if you are committed to doing it all by yourself, it takes a lot of money.

Not everyone has these resources in abundance. You don’t want to waste too much time maintaining your tree—not when you can save money and energy by simply hiring a professional.

An arborist is someone who specializes in tree care. They provide all sorts of tree-related services. Also known as tree surgeons, they take care of your tree, and by extension, your property and the ecosystem that you live in. Rather than taking care of an entire forest, arborists specialize in individual plants and trees.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services is dedicated to giving you high quality customer service.

Trimming, Pruning, Thinning of Trees & Shrubs

We perform various arboricultural methods such as pruning, trimming, thinning, etc. Each tree is different, and the same can be said for each property. The climate, the neighborhood, the type of soil—these are some of the factors that our certified arborists consider before conducting any of our services. We want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing for your tree, and for your family.

Joel’s Pro Tree Service Has Years Of Experience in Tampa

Our professional arborists have the skills and experience to get any job done. Not to mention that we have equipped them with state-of-the-art tools so that they can apply the most advanced methods available for any task. And our services are also among the most affordable in the industry. You can’t go wrong with Joel’s Pro Tree Services.

Here are some of the most important tree services we can help you with.

Tampa Tree Trimming

Even the most majestic trees in Tampa can look overgrown and misshapen if left untrimmed. Expert care is necessary to make sure the trees are healthy and beautiful. Untrimmed trees don’t just make a yard look ugly—they also create a lot of minor inconveniences that can eventually develop into serious problems.

Dead leaves and rotten branches, for example, can fall and become tripping hazards. But they can also create health problems for the people around them as they rot and become pest-ridden. Overgrown trees are also unhealthy, meaning their lifespan is significantly reduced because they don’t receive proper amounts of sunlight.

Trained arborists know when a tree is vulnerable or weak—even if they appear stable and strong. Pests can penetrate the bark and make a home within the tree. Not only that, deadwood could also allow rot to spread much faster to the trunk, affecting the tree’s health and stability.

Homeowners in Tampa who are looking for a reliable lot clearing service provider can turn to Joel’s Pro Tree Services. This company is known for its upfront and affordable prices, high quality customer service, and their wide range of tree services. Joel’s Pro Tree Services also has locations all over Ohio, so Tampa residents can get a free estimate within hours.

Professional arborists can help with all sorts of tree-related problems, providing easy and effective solutions such as pruning and trimming. Expert arborists can assess the property and trees in question, choose the right method, and then execute it quickly.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers a wide range of trimming and pruning services. They can give Tampa homeowners an idea on what needs to be done to fix these problems. Trained specialists can spot these problems while others might find it difficult to recognize these signs.

Arborists will perform corrective pruning when a plant growth begins to endanger itself or surrounding structures. It helps control the thickness and direction that a plant grows. Similarly, crown reduction helps the tree ‘breathe’ by shortening or cutting down the primary branches around the top. This deeply technical process helps the tree grow more stable while reducing the amount of dead wood in the interior of the tree.

Contact Joel’s Pro Tree Services today and get a free estimate within hours!

We Have The Tools Of The Trade. Chains Saws, Bucket Loaders & More

A professional will also have the right equipment for the job. A chainsaw is not enough. Like many tasks, the right equipment can make a job safe. They keep different types of saws, ropes, cleats, etc, depending on the size and scope of the project. They also wear protective gear to ensure their own safety while doing their job.

Their saws are properly sharpened beforehand so that they can make quick and safe cuts. Saw blades that are dull or rusty can create more hazards and dangers unnecessarily. Sharpened blades and saws are even more important when trying to trim or remove large branches.

There is no substitute for a homeowner’s peace of mind. Just the mere fact that an arborist can get the job done quickly and efficiently should be enough of an argument as to why hiring a professional is the way to go. The homeowner can just relax and not break a sweat, while having the tree or trees in question trimmed.



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