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Homeowners usually ask: how much does tree removal cost after a storm? The answer, like in most cases, is it depends.
Storms can have a devastating effect on a home and property. It is even deadlier if there is a tree in the property, especially one that is old, diseased, or dying. If the tree in your yard is not well-maintained, it has the possibility of falling over during a storm.

Dead branches, leaves, and even entire trees can be scattered by strong winds during this scenario. This is why cleaning up after a storm can be a very stressful endeavor. Not to mention the damage it can cause all over your yard. Most homeowners simply don’t have the time to worry about it.

Removing a tree that has fallen can be very challenging, and it’s one that you should leave to the professionals. Hazards can sometimes increase the cost of tree removal or trimming, but it is definitely worth the investment since it saves you a lot of time, money, energy.

Joel’s Pro Tree Service, for example, employs a team of certified arborists who can get the job done quickly and properly using only the best equipment in the industry. With our experience and skills, we can get rid of those fallen trees in no time, whereas a homeowner going the DIY approach may struggle to figure it out. In the long run, hiring a professional is more cost-effective.

Usually, the cost of tree removal varies depending on a certain number of factors, like the size of the tree, the location, and how healthy it is. Most companies will charge more for bigger and taller trees simply because they are much harder to remove than smaller trees.

If the tree is located around hazards such as power lines, removing it could be tricky, so that might affect the price. In addition to these factors, a tree that is healthy is generally harder to remove than a rotted tree, so this might also affect the price. Of course, the number of trees in your yard that have to be removed also factors into the equation.

After a storm, the situation may be a bit different. The damage has been done and the tree has already fallen. Many homeowners will opt to clean it up themselves, but this takes a lot of patience. Joel’s Pro Tree Service offers emergency tree removal for these exact scenarios. Our storm damage clean-up is fast and efficient. We remove the hundreds of branches and debris all over the landscape. We make sure to give the property a fresh and polished look.

In addition to tree removal and storm damage clean-up, Joel’s Pro Tree Service also offers emergency roof tarp installation. If a tree falls onto your home or somebody else’s property, you need a quick solution. We can remove the tree right away, and then install a professional-quality temporary cover for your home until a construction crew can make permanent repairs. This helps prevent water damage to the interior of the house, saving you several hundreds of dollars.

Not only is hiring a professional a lot more convenient, but it also ensures that the clean-up process is done properly. We will remove debris while minimizing damage to the property. Whether the storm damage is extensive or minimal, Joel’s Pro Tree Services is there to help out.

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