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Does Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Many homeowners wonder if their home insurance covers for tree removal. The truth is that it depends on the circumstances. It also depends on the insurance provider. If the insurance policy covers tree removal, then it can help cover the expenses.

But there are general rules that apply to most insurance policies concerning tree removal that homeowners might find applicable to their own home insurance. For example, home insurance typically does not cover the cost of removing a tree that has not yet fallen. This means the property owner is still in charge of paying for the tree removal cost out of their own pocket because this is considered general maintenance of the home and yard. It is comparable to pruning trees or removing a dying tree.

Again, this still depends on the insurance provider, so it might be a good idea to discuss it with them and clarify what expenses are covered if they are covered at all.

Now the good news for homeowners who had one or two of their trees fall because of a storm is that most home insurance covers the tree removal for this. This is especially likely if the tree fell and damaged the house.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers storm damage tree removal that is affordable and efficient, so it might not even be necessary to use the insurance. This tree service provider is known for its upfront pricing, and homeowners should definitely consider working with this team of certified arborists. The company also offers a hazardous tree assessment that can help prevent structural damage in the first place if problematic trees in the yard are identified and maintained.

Now if the damage is done and the homeowner wants to use their insurance to clean up the mess, most insurance providers will be able to give assistance. Generally speaking, home insurance will cover tree removal if the fallen tree damaged a fence, a garage, or caused any other structural damage. There are insurance providers that will remove a tree if it falls and blocks the driveway.

For disabled homeowners, home insurance might pay if the tree blocks a wheelchair ramp. It is important to check the home insurance policy or call the insurance agent for details. Typically, home insurance policies cover tree removal up to $1,000 per storm. The actual numbers may vary.


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