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Whether or not a tree removal requires a permit depends on the city you live in. Most city governments have Tree Preservation ordinances that outline the rules and regulations surrounding tree removal as well as tree trimming. Sometimes that means the property owner needs to get a permit before they can cut down a tree.

It can also depend on other factors such as the size of the tree in question. Trees play a vital role in urban cities. This is why their removal is regulated. In fact, oftentimes it is illegal to cut down a tree on your own property without obtaining a permit. While it varies from one city to another, most homeowners can check their city’s tree ordinance to see if they can remove without a permit.

When a tree is dead or dangerous to its immediate surroundings, property owners are often allowed to remove the tree without a permit. It is also worth noting that the city’s ordinance may also list certain trees as specially regulated.

Significant trees or heritage trees are specially protected by city ordinances. Heritage trees, for example, are protected because they are of significant age. Even applying for a permit to remove either of these specially protected trees will not guarantee that the property owner will be allowed to remove it.

In most situations, it is ideal to check the city ordinance first and learn about the regulations involving the removal of trees in a private property. Before starting work on the yard, try to acquire a permit first. This applies to homeowners who want to get started on a new construction project in their property, but need to get rid of a healthy tree.

Hazardous trees, on the other hand, usually require no permit—but it still depends on the city ordinance. The application process can take weeks, and so these dangerous trees need to be removed before they can hurt someone or break something. Trees that are diseased or pest-ridden have a high chance of falling. It could cause significant damage to properties, or it can even hurt someone.

A healthy tree could become hazardous overnight if there is a storm and the tree suddenly develops a lean. It suddenly becomes a threat to everyone living close to it. Before removing these hazardous trees, document the damage.

For dead trees, most homeowners do not need to apply for a permit.

In any case, hiring a professional arborist can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Joel’s Pro Tree Services employs certified arborists who know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They use only the safest methods in the industry, and state of the art equipment to help remove trees without damaging its surroundings. When in doubt, ask your local arborist about city ordinances concerning tree removal.

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