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How Does Tree Removal Work?

Trees increase the value of any property and they also make homes look lovelier. They provide fresh air as well as generous amounts of shade. But as majestic as these trees may be, there are certain instances where they need to be removed.
Diseased, old, dying, or dead trees need to be removed—urgently, for that matter. This is because they pose a threat to everyone and everything around it. These trees could fall at any given time and cause serious injuries if they fall on someone. They could damage or destroy fences, electrical lines, cars, or even the neighbor’s house if it’s close enough.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services loves trees. But the company understands that sometimes a tree is not able to be saved. This is why they provide their assistance to homeowners who need to get a tree removed from their property.

Expired trees do not have the structural integrity to support themselves for too long. Proper tree removal is in order. Joel’s Pro Tree Services employs certified arborists who use the industry’s leading safety measures and top of the line equipment to make sure the tree problem is dealt with the first time.

The exact process of tree removal varies depending on the tree in question: the size, height, condition, and location of the tree should be taken into consideration. A tree that is close to structures should be handled with even more care because they might fall a certain way and cause damage. A tree that is healthy and needs to be removed for the sake of a future construction project will be more difficult to remove compared to diseased trees that are easier to manage.

With these factors in mind, the arborist will start off by assessing the tree or trees in the property. If a storm caused the tree to fall, then this wouldn’t be necessary, because it’s just a matter of removing the tree and cleaning up after the mess.
But a tree that is still standing should be assessed by a professional who understands tree health. They will be able to take down the tree properly and predict how it is going to come down. They will then use whatever tools necessary to take the tree down.

For larger projects, for example, Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers crane-assisted tree removal, which makes it easier to remove sturdier trees safely. Once the tree has been removed, the arborist will chop it into smaller pieces and haul it away. Some homeowners prefer to keep some of the wood for themselves to use in their fireplace, etc. Communicate with the arborist and talk to them about where the wood will go afterward. If the homeowner doesn’t keep the wood, the tree service company will likely take it away to have it chipped.

After tree removal, a stump will be left behind. Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers stump grinding and stump removal services to help remove these stumps as well. They can use a stump grinder to eliminate the stumps easily.

Hiring a professional is the best way to go when removing a tree from a property. Arborists are trained to do it quickly, efficiently, and safely. Tree removal is no easy task, and it takes significant amounts of knowledge and experience to pull off.
Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers a superior level of service that is not only more affordable but more reliable than any other Tree Company out there. We’re locally owned and operated, and we care about our fellow neighbors.

Homeowners can get a free estimate within hours. Joel’s Pro Tree Services is known for its upfront pricing and high-quality customer service. Contact Joel’s Pro Tree Services at 855-212-1464 today.


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