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Tree removal is necessary for certain situations. Maybe it fell over after a storm, or it got hit by a vehicle, or it was weakened by pests or disease. Perhaps a tree has become a health hazard and a major liability. In other cases, property owners want to start a construction project and a tree is in the way, so they have to remove it.

There are many reasons to want to take down or remove a tree. But whose responsibility is it? When it comes to the rules of tree removal, it’s not so simple.

Generally speaking, if a tree on your property has to be removed because the homeowner wants to start a construction project, then tree removal is their responsibility. The same can be said for diseased or rotted trees that need to be removed for the people living in the area. Hiring a tree service company like Joel’s Pro Tree Services is a great way to handle it. But it gets trickier where fallen trees are concerned.

It is important to note that when it comes to fallen tree removal and liability, it varies by state and/or municipality. Urban areas, for example, may have higher standards than rural areas. This means an urban homeowner may have to be more diligent than a rural property owner in inspecting trees on their property. Check with your municipality’s arborists to determine the standards in your area.

If a tree is on public property, the municipality likely owns it and is, therefore, their responsibility. Fallen trees can cause structural damage, property damage, or even a serious injury. In general, the homeowner is only responsible for damage to another’s property if they knew that the tree was diseased or dead. This usually means that the decay is visible.

To avoid this, look out for signs like brittle leaves during the growing season, excessive broken or fallen branches, patches of missing bark, fungus growth, slimy roots, and rows of holes from wood-boring insects. If the tree is noticeably leaning in one direction, it could be bad news.

Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers hazardous tree assessment to help homeowners determine if there are issues to be worried about. Certified arborists can spot these problems from a mile away. If a tree does fall, Joel’s Pro Tree Services also offers emergency tree removal, storm damage tree removal, etc.

As for non-visible damage that only an arborist could discover, this would not typically be the homeowner’s responsibility.
If you know there are potentially dangerous trees on your property, you need to take steps to eliminate the threat. If not, you may be liable for any damages caused by that tree falling.

To avoid all these unnecessary dramas, homeowners should consider hiring a tree service expert to assess potentially problematic trees in the area.

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