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There are a number of reasons why homeowners might need to remove a tree from their property. Primarily, it is because the tree is diseased, rotten, pest-ridden, dying, or already dead. Perhaps it was even struck by lightning and is about to fall.

In any case, the tree poses a threat to people and structures around it because it can cause injuries or health problems if they stay that way.

Some homeowners need to remove a tree because they need to get started on a construction project. What property owners usually ask is whether or not tree removal includes stump grinding. When a tree is removed or has fallen in place, the stump will remain. Therefore the process of stump grinding or stump removal is oftentimes a separate service.

The good news is that certified arborists from Joel’s Pro Tree Services can provide both. Joel’s team of arborists know how to properly assess a damaged tree and remove it with ease. They will use a wide array of equipment and employ only the safest techniques in the industry to make sure the tree falls harmlessly to the ground without destroying any fences or electrical lines.
Once this is done, the stump should be removed as well. Stumps are potential tripping hazards. They can also rot and cause health problems for the plants around it, as well as the people living close by. Arborists will use a stump grinder to turn the stump into wood chips. This method is recommended over stump removal because it is more economical. It is also less time-consuming.

For this job, some homeowners want to go the DIY route by renting a stump grinder and grinding out the stump themselves. But hiring a professional is easier, and it ensures that the job is done efficiently.

Tree experts know how to grind the stump down as quickly and as far as possible to ensure that the root ball is damaged enough to prevent future growth. After it has been ground, it is typically completed to a few inches below the earth and then covered with dirt and dust from the process. The remaining below-ground portion will decay after a certain period of time.
Certified arborists can get rid of these stumps so that property owners can move on with future construction projects—or even plant new trees.

Stump grinding is different from stump removal because the latter involves removing the root ball of the tree as well. It can be a bit more challenging because when a tree grows, so does the root ball. The root ball expands greatly and makes root sizes large. Rootballs are four to ten times the size of the tree.

After the root ball is removed, there will be a large hole on the ground where the tree used to be. Stump removal can involve cutting off the root system, digging the bulk of the stump and then lifting it away with a crane. Many homeowners prefer stump grinding over stump removal because it avoids the digging process and does less damage to the earth.

Either way, Joel’s Pro Tree Services offers tree removal, stump grinding, and stump removal, depending on the homeowner’s needs. Call 855-212-1464 today for a free estimate and learn more about Joel’s Pro Tree Service. This company is upfront when it comes to pricing, and they offer reliable customer service.


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